July 23, 2012 8:46 pm

This page contains answers to most questions you might have about all of our child care programs.

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Snow Days

January 11, 2016 10:08 pm

The Irving Site, including Preschool, follows Bethel School District guidelines
Awbrey Park follows the 4j School District.
If the school districts close school then The ASC is closed as well.

A 2 hour delay means Preschool will open at 10:30 am.

After school care will start when school is released.
If school is released early due to weather the students will be brought to The ASC and we will care for them until you can pick them up.
It would be a kindness to The ASC teachers if you could come get them as soon as possible, so the teachers can get home safely.

There are no tuition adjustments for a snow day.

Art Show and Theater Info

July 19, 2012 01:17 am

Art Shows have been a fun annual event since May 2005.

Our classes do a number of performances and shows during the year.  Some of our performances may include singing, dancing and a full dress drama.

In June we have our formal preschool graduation ceremony.

How to Reach Us

July 19, 2012 01:14 am
For general questions, you can use our contact form or simply email us. For program-specific questions, you can also use the contact form, or email the instructors directly.

Electronics Policy

July 19, 2012 01:11 am

For all no school/furlough days your child will be allowed to bring their own Gameboys, CD players, and other personal hand held "gadgets" (no DVD players) if they like.  The After School Club is not responsible for them. 

No charging of any "gadgets" while at school.

It is important that ALL games and music are age appropriate (rated E, no explicit lyrics, etc.) and labeled with your child's name.

Children are NOT allowed to share any music or games with friends.  We are aware that some games are "linkable" and children can play each other as long as they each own the "linkable" game.  Each family will need to set those boundaries with their individual children.  Please understand that is something that will NOT be monitored by staff.

During our summer program we have a set time that electronics are played (1 to 3 pm).  However,  for no school days, we will allow children to play as they wish with the exception of snack, lunch and recess times.  We will leave it to each family to set their individual time limits for their children.  If you do have set limits for your child, including "linkable games", please send in a note on the no school day and we will help your child remember the limits.  Please note that a new note will need to come each no school day.

We have many activities planned for no school days and for the most part all kids participate in them.  We  would like to add the electronics option to our already flexible no school day schedule.

Toys From Home

July 19, 2012 01:10 am

The After School Club has many toys to choose from for your child.  We ask that children DO NOT bring any toys from home.  Occasionally we will have a special party or a themed no school day that children are able to bring in toys from home.  On those special days we will have a note posted or sent home explaining what toys can be brought and how many.  If a toy or item does come from home it MUST be clearly labeled with child's name or initials.

There have been occasions where children may receive something (toy or item) from a teacher or counselor.  Those items are to be put in their backpacks to share with their family when they are picked up.  If any item has a hard time staying in the backpack we will hold it for them in the office to be picked up when they go home.

Supplies List

July 19, 2012 01:08 am

Supply List for The ASC

all grades

Please bring:

1 box of Kleenex (helpful for allergy & cold season)

1 package of baby wipes (helpful for the super messy projects)

These 2 things would help us out so very much thank you.

In addition, we are always looking for these recycle items:

cd's (to use for art projects)

washed milk or juice lids


clothes your children have out grown (for our accident box)

Contact with School Personnel

July 19, 2012 01:07 am

The After School Club may occasionally discuss with classroom teachers, principals, counselors and/or other staff members, specific issues concerning your child.  This may include field trips, homework, classroom behavior and activities. 

Our goal is to be consistent in the care and well being of the children we care for.

No Child Left Out

July 19, 2012 01:07 am

It is our belief that no child should be left out, AND, it is our company policy that religious and traditional holidays, i.e., birthdays and calendar holidays, are personal and should be celebrated at home.  Party invitations and greeting cards shall not be handed out at  The After School Club.  Our activities will be based on weekly themes.  Whenever possible, seasonal themes will be incorporated.

Behavior Agreement

July 19, 2012 01:03 am

We believe that after school child care should provide a relaxed, comfortable environment where children are encouraged to play, visit, and create.  In order to provide this type of environment, we have a flexible structure enabling the children to choose from many different activities. This is only possible if children accept the responsibility to follow these expectations, and we have your cooperation in impressing the importance of these guidelines.

            Our code of conduct is primarily the same as at the schools:

1)    follow directions from any adult in charge

2)   show respect for other students and for adults in language and actions

3)    respect the property of the school and other students

4)    use good table manners, talk quietly and stay seated while eating

5)    share all playground and craft equipment

6)    use all playground and craft equipment safely and properly

7)    work and play in the approved supervised areas

8)    walk and talk in the hallways quietly, even though school is out

            Appropriate behavior will be praised and rewarded in various ways including the granting of special privileges.  Inappropriate behavior will be disciplined in one or more ways:

1)    the student will be reminded of expected behavior

2)    the student will receive an opportunity to make another choice

3)    the student will miss opportunity to participate in a craft or game

4)    the student and his/her parent will have a conference with staff

Serious misconduct: Stealing, intentional damages of property, physical assault on another person, profane or obscene language or open defiance of a supervisor may result in an immediate expulsion from the program. The parent will be responsible for reimbursing the program for the cost of damaged items. The After School Club reserves the right to remove a student without notice that engages in any of these behaviors.

Biting:  We support a zero tolerance for biting.

1st  Bite = Parent called to remove the child for the rest of the day.

2nd Bite = Child is removed from the program for 2 weeks.

3rd  Bite = Child is removed from the program for remainder of year.

No Refund for any days missed due to biting.          

            Although these guidelines are discussed frequently with the children, we would like you to go over this list of expectations with your child. We appreciate your support of this behavior agreement.

School Playground/Gym Use

July 19, 2012 01:02 am

At this time The After School Club will only use the following equipment if an ASC staff member is leading or closely supervising this activity.

  •  “zip line”
  • teeter totters

Movie Policy

July 19, 2012 01:01 am

The After School Club will occasionally show a movie that go with our themes of the week or as a treat on a no school day.  The movies will be rated either G or PG.  We will post the name of the movie on the parent board the day of the movie.  If you do not want your child to watch the movie, we will provide a place and alternate activities for them to do while the movie is on.  Parents must notify a teacher at drop off if they are NOT allowed to watch the movie.

Health Issues and Concerns

July 19, 2012 01:01 am
Head Lice:  Any child found to have live bugs will need to be removed from the program until no live bugs are found and they have been treated. From the Child Care Division Rule Book, Ordinance  414-300-0220 states: Illness or Injury (1) Illness:

(a) A center shall not admit or retain in care, except with the written approval of the local health officer, a child who:

(A) Is diagnosed as having or being a carrier of a child care-restrictable disease, as defined in Health Division administrative rules, OAR 333-019-0010; or

(B) Has one of the following symptoms, or combination of symptoms, of illness:

(i) Fever over 100 degrees F taken under the arm;

(ii) Diarrhea (more than one abnormally loose, runny, watery or bloody stool);

(iii) Vomiting;

(iv) Nausea;

(v) Severe cough;

(vi) Unusual yellow color to skin or eyes;

(vii) Skin or eye lesions or rashes that are severe, weeping, or pus-filled;

(viii) Stiff neck and headache with one or more of the symptoms listed above;

(ix) Difficult breathing or abnormal wheezing; or

(x) Complaints of severe pain.

(b) A child who shows signs of illness, as defined in this rule, shall be isolated and the parent(s) notified and asked to remove the child from the center as soon as possible;

  The After School Club defines “as soon as possible” to mean within 30 minutes of notification of illness.

Arrival and Departure Procedures

July 19, 2012 01:00 am

*All children joining or leaving our program without  an authorized adult MUST have the following form on file: School Age Arrival and Departure Procedure, Child Care Division Rule #414-300-050.

Non-After School Club Activities:

*SPORTS:  Children that have practice or games at either Irving or Awbrey Park sign themselves out and go to their designated play areas.  The After School Club is not responsible for them after they sign out.

*WORKING IN A CLASSROOM:  Children bring a note, or we have verbal confirmation from their classroom teacher or another school staff person, that they will be helping out in the classroom.  We write down the classroom they are working in.   The After School Club is not responsible for them until they check back in with us.

*SCHOOL STORE:  Children take our “school store pass” and go to the school store.  They are not accompanied by an After School Club staff member.  School staff are in the classrooms and hallways.

Self Departures:

*BUS RIDERS:  The children are escorted out to the bus waiting area, and asked to line up for their specific bus.  They will be supervised by school district employees and bus drivers.

The After School Club does not have supervision for morning bus riders.  We do not assume responsibility for them until they check in with us.

*WALKING HOME:  With a written note or phone call from parent or guardian, children may sign themselves out and walk home.  The After School Club is not responsible for them after they sign out.


Check In/Out:                                            

Students will come to the lunchroom to check in, after school is out. Children MUST be picked up by 6:00 p.m.

Children will only be released to people that are on your authorization list with photo ID. This is for the safety of your child(ren). The After School Club is NOT responsible after a child is checked out. Written notice MUST be given to make any changes on the authorization list. Please inform all those you have listed on the authorization list that they MUST have photo ID to pick up your child. If a parent is denied access to their child, we MUST have a copy of signed court papers.  

A person checking a child out MUST come to the lunchroom and sign him or her out before the child will be released.    

Lunch and Snacks

July 19, 2012 00:59 am

Each child will be required to bring a lunch on all no-school days.  Their boxed lunch MUST be self-contained.  It MUST NOT require heating or refrigeration. 

    The After School Club provides snacks for the children that are USDA approved.  Children with specific dietary needs may be required to bring their own snacks.  Parents may wish, on their child’s special day, to provide a special treat for all children to share.


    Peanut  and other Allergies:

    Due to the increase in food allergies and special dietary needs children may need to bring their own snacks.  For peanut allergies we will have separate lunch box containers for lunches with peanut   butter   items and non-peanut butter items.  We will assign tables in the lunch room area that will be peanut free areas.  Time will be spent with children on allergy education and awareness.  If your child has special dietary needs and/or food allergies it is very important that they are explained clearly in the allergies section in this enrollment package.


July 19, 2012 00:58 am

All Day Care (except AFS/DHS)* MUST be prepaid.

  • All AFS/DHS co-pay payments MUST be prepaid. 
  • Balances not covered by AFS/DHS are due beginning of the following month.

All payments are due on the 1st of the month, and are considered late after the 5th.  A $25.00 late fee will be assessed on all late payments.  If payment has not been made by the 8th, your child(ran) may be removed from the program and may lose their opening in the program. All late fees and monthly fees MUST be paid in full BEFORE we will accept your child back into the program (if there is an opening available).

A $10.00 service fee will be charged for copies of children’s records. This fee will be charged for each month requested.

Payments may be made by cash, money order or check made payable to The After School Club.  If a check is returned for Non-Sufficient Funds, there will be a $25.00 fee in addition to the bank fee, and may result in the requiring of all subsequent payments being made by money order or cash.

A parent picking up a child after 6:00 p.m. will be charged $5.00 for 1-5 minutes and a $1.00 a minute thereafter per child.          

ENROLLMENT FEE:                                 $10.00 per year

SUPPLY FEES                                            $30.00 per program, per year


July 19, 2012 00:56 am

We MUST be given a regular schedule of your child care needs in order to follow up on a missing child. If you call the school to inform them that your child will not be at school, you MUST also call The After School Club and tell us at the same time. There will be a $5.00 "finder's fee" each time we need to call you if your child does not show up on their scheduled days.  If you are taking them from school early or if they are going home with a friend, you MUST notify us so we do not expect them. The After School Club cannot be and are not responsible to check on a child who does not have a regular documented schedule. Parents are responsible to inform us as to any changes in attendance. 

If we cannot locate your child within 1 hour of scheduled arrival time we will notify the Sheriff Department and Children Services Division.                  

Parents are responsible to notify the director in writing at least 2 weeks before the end of the month if their child will be leaving the program. Failure to notify in writing less than 2 weeks before the end of the month may result in the parent being required to pay for the upcoming month.

No School, Half Days, and Holiday Breaks

July 19, 2012 00:56 am


Some No School days we may ONLY be open at Irving OR Awbrey Park School.   You will be notified in advance as to what site will be open during No School Days. 

Attendance on No-School and Half Days MUST be prearranged.  A sign up sheet will be provided and be used as our attendance sheet for that day.  Staff will be scheduled accordingly. 

The ASC being open during Winter and Spring Break is not guaranteed.   Families would do well to secure alternate arrangements for these breaks as we cannot guarantee we will be open.