ASC Clean and Sanitize

The safety and well-being of your children will always be The After School Club’s primary concern. As we all know, this flu season has been life-altering for many in our community, and to members of The ASC family. We want to assure you that all precautions are being taken to ensure our environment is safe and healthy for your children.

We have many procedures in place to keeping things clean and sanitized.  Our daily, hourly and sometimes by-the-minute cleaning procedures are followed by all.  The children even help by cleaning all surfaces top to bottom with soap and water.  The teachers are all very diligent in keeping thing sanitized and disinfected regularly.

In addition to our regular cleaning procedures, we have enlisted the help of Germ Freak, a startup company based locally in Eugene.  This is an interview with the owner, Piper Stover.

What is Germ Freak?

“Germ Freak is an infection prevention service that utilizes an environmentally safe, non-toxic disinfecting agent known as PURTABS, manufactured by EvaClean. This agent is more stable than bleach, non-caustic and non-corrosive. It is EPA certified and proven to be effective in killing many pathogens, including Norovirus and Influenza. PURTABS are used in conjunction with the Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer for thorough application.”

What is the benefit of an electrostatic sprayer?

“Unlike normal spray bottle application, the Protexus sprayer creates, essentially, static cling, so the disinfecting agent is drawn to all surfaces it is sprayed on. This allows for 360 degree application in one quick pass over an area or object.”

Does this service provide a guarantee that my child will not get sick?

“Unfortunately, with communicable disease, there are no guarantees. However, PURTABS, applied by means of the Protexus sprayer, can eliminate up to 99.999% of pathogens on a treated surface. The goal is to limit potential exposure as much as possible. Germ Freak’s service, in conjunction with careful adherence to outbreak prevention recommendations made by the CDC, create a marked defense against disease. Please don’t take my word for it.

You can read case studies and research results at”

“Each year, thousands lose their lives or loved ones to the flu. Those numbers are staggering, but those are not just numbers. Those are people, loved and cherished…and now missed. I started this company to try to protect people from that kind of heartbreak, because even a little bit of effort just might save a life.”

The After School Club will continue to utilize Germ Freak on a regular basis through this flu season, and on a maintenance plan moving forward.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime. Piper also invites anyone with questions to reach out to her at

Posted on our parent information board is further information about EvaClean PURTABS and their usage in an early childhood development setting.