Welcome to ASC Preschool

Welcome to ASC Preschool!

The preschool is a mixed age group of 3-5 year olds together in the Butterfly room. In this way, all of our students can benefit from one another while showing up at their own developmental stages and being encouraged to grow their abilities through teachers’ skilled and intentional creation of play and learning opportunities after observation and assessments.

Our curriculum is designed around monthly themes, including seasons, shapes and colors. These themes will be recognizable in our classroom through dramatic play, sensory, art, and building prompts. Students lead their own play and explore choices at their own pace during long play times scheduled into our day. We do not include or celebrate holidays in our curriculum at ASC. Calendars will be sent home to show families a framework each month. Please see a curriculum calendar as an example of what to expect on our website.

Our weekly teacher led curriculum is planned around a literacy program called Zoophonics. This program teaches us a new zoo animal each week based on a lower case letter and letter sound. Students practice this letter sound throughout the week with hands on experience, small group stations, circle time, a variety of games, music and movement, and arts and crafts. Zoophonics is a wonderful fit for our mixed age group program because we can offer letter learning to all stages of literacy learning from letter sounds, to handwriting practice, to pre reading skills.

You can learn more about zoophonics

We are Bucketfillers at The After School Club! Bucketfilling is a tool we use to teach and encourage students of all ages for social thinking, empathy, and emotional regulation. Students learn to recognize their own bucket as their emotional self and how to cope and communicate emotional needs, as well as ways to fill others buckets.

You can learn more about being a bucket filler

Children thrive in a safe, nurturing environment where they can actively explore, manipulate and interact with their peers and surroundings. We are here to encourage the emotional, intellectual, physical and social development of each individual preschool child through a careful balance of play and structure built into our program. We strive to partner with families and build a community through open communication, conferences, and invitations throughout the year for caretakers to join us at school for both play and celebrations.

We are an independent company that is located in our own space at Irving Elementary School. Being on site at Irving Elementary has many benefits including an easy drop off for families with school aged siblings. The school gives us our own designated time on the playground for recess, offers us a library time slot for us to “check out” books weekly, as well as includes us in fun school activities such as assemblies and jog a thons. We have been a certified center through the Department of Early Learning since 2005. We are open to all families in the community. Our program accepts ERDC and contracts with ECCares to support an inclusive environment.

Our center is open from 8:15am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday

Our center is open from 8:15am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, with a variety of scheduling options to choose from. Our schedule options have been created after observing student success with consistency and attendance but also strive to support families’ needs.

We have our preschool program from 8:15 to 12:30 which includes the majority of our structured learning time as well as snack- provided by school, lunch-sent from home, and outdoor play time. Please see an example of our morning schedule posted on our website.

There is also an option for preschoolers to stay till 2:30 pm. This part of our day includes a quiet time for the group. All students have their own cot and blankets and stuffed animals from home are welcome. All students are invited to rest quietly with calming stories or music for 20-30 minutes. Any students still awake after that time get up and play before pick up.

We are an independent company located in our own space at Irving Elementary School

We offer extended preschool care till 6:00pm. Preschoolers who stay for our extended program are together but separate from our elementary aged after school group. We have a designated preschool qualified teacher, choices, and ratios in the afternoon but run on the same schedule and combine when appropriate. Another snack is offered as well as more outside time. Our older students enjoy being role models for the preschoolers and our younger kiddos benefit from the change in scenery and play partners for the last part of their day.

At the end of each school year, our preschoolers put on show on the big stage. All students look forward to and practice for this performance and celebration. Our friends who will be going to kindergarten the following year will participate in a graduation and the night is a highlight for families and staff every year.

Please contact Kaseyw@theafterschoolclubeugene.com with any questions.

Preschool Cell (541)554-3481