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2018 Art Show

Art Shows have been a fun annual event since May 2005. Below are a few snap shots of the most recent year’s fun. North America South America Europe Asia Africa Australia Antarctica

Preschool Goals

Goals: The goals of The ASC are to help guide and encourage the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of the preschool child through development of a positive self-image and an excitement for the school experience. Objectives: To grow in

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Preschool Potty Time

All items needed for diapers and potty training and/or accidents must be supplied by the family. Preschool children will be encouraged to use the bathroom alone. If a potty accident occurs they will be encouraged to change their own clothes.

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Enrollment Forms

Enrollment forms can be downloaded from the website via the Enrollment Forms link. Forms need to be filled out and signed and returned in person to ASC. Your completed enrollment form will be filed in a secure location. If you

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Separation Anxiety

During the month of September, we hope to build a secure feeling about school within your child. When your child says “goodbye,” our goal is for him/her to feel that everything will be all right until you return. One way

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Behavior and Discipline

The ASC BEHAVIOR AGREEMENT We believe that preschool and after school child care should provide a relaxed, comfortable environment where children are encouraged to play, visit, learn and create. In order to provide this type of environment, we have a

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No Child Left Out

It is our belief that no child should be left out, AND it is our company policy that religious and traditional holidays, i.e., birthdays and calendar holidays, are personal and should be celebrated at home. Party invitations and holiday greeting

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Pick Up and Drop Off

PRESCHOOL: Students will come to their assigned preschool between 8:15 and 8:45. If you are registered for before school, the drop off classroom is #3, The Pete the Cat room. Children MUST be picked up no later than 6:00 p.m.

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Staying Informed

To keep up with scheduled events and school closure information we recommend that you subscribe to our posts. Use the “Subscribe” option on the right side menu on this page.

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Protecting all Children – 5 minute Guideline

The ASC is committed to making sure all children are safe and secure while in our care. If any School District staff members, counselors, volunteers or maintenance workers are in our designated areas for more than 5 minutes they will

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